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This one-day seminar focuses on the major areas of responsibility that provide the basic framework for bedside critical care nursing practice: assessment, titration of inotropic and vasoactive infusions, troubleshooting ventilator alarms, interpretation of lab values, and responding to frequently encountered critical care emergencies. Intended for nurses with minimal critical care experience, this program may also be of value to those caring for high acuity patients in non-critical care areas.

The program is presented by an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner who has an extensive background in both critical care practice and nursing education.

The goal throughout the day is to provide an opportunity for the specified target population to gain confidence and increased competence in caring for the critically ill.


This seminar is intended primarily for nurses with little or no critical care experience. More experienced nurses are welcome to attend and may find the seminar useful as a review, but participants should be aware that this course is directed at newer critical care nurses. Others who may benefit include nurses working in the following areas: medical-surgical floors, stepdown units, recovery rooms, labor and delivery critical care units, and telemetry units. Student nurses are also welcome to attend.


Presented by:
Mary K. Roberts,
R.N., M.S.N., ACNP

  This program has been approved by the:

American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)

for 6.0 Contact Hours,
Synergy CERP Category A
File Number 00017286.



Provider approved by

the California Board of
Registered Nursing

CEP 6910, for 6.0 contact hours.


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