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While delivery of a sufficient amount of oxygen to meet the demands at the tissue level is a central goal in critical care, patients with life-threatening hypoxemia are frequently encountered by critical care nurses. In order to provide optimal care for such patients, we must possess a strong knowledge base in cardiopulmonary physiology, be skilled in managing ventilators and hemodynamic monitoring systems, and be up-to-date on relevant evidence on which to base clinical decisions and nursing practice.

The program begins with a brief review of core concepts and then moves quickly into advanced and cutting-edge content. Topics include pulmonary physiology, V/Q mismatching, intrapulmonary shunt, lung protective ventilation, and management of acute right ventricular dysfunction in the ventilated ARDS patient. New techniques in monitoring the ventilated patient and recent research findings regarding prone positioning and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation are also included.


Designed for experienced critical care nurses, this seminar provides an opportunity to update, refine, and increase your knowledge base related to caring for patients with severe hypoxemia.



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Barbara Clark Mims,

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This program has been approved by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) for 6.5 Contact Hours, Synergy CERP Category A, file number 00017445



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  California Board of
  Registered Nursing
    CEP 6910


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