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Physical assessment is a fundamental nursing responsibility in all practice settings. Taught by an experienced acute care
nurse practitioner, this seminar provides the participant an opportunity to review, clarify, and expand his/her knowledge base related to physical assessment of acutely ill patients. 

To increase practical application, case scenarios of patients with common diseases/disorders are included. Pathophysiologic concepts are incorporated, which serve to emphasize the significance of abnormal assessment findings and their relevance to clinical decision making.

A sample of the type of questions to be answered during this one-day program includes:

Upon your initial contact with an unstable, critically ill patient, what can you do in the first 5 minutes to establish a baseline and prepare for any emergency that might occur?

A postoperative patient calls you and complains of sudden shortness of breath and dizziness, but no chest pain. What assessment findings do you need in order to identify the priorities of care?

You are caring for a patient 2 days post-MI who suddenly develops a 5/6 systolic ejection murmur. What might this indicate?

You notice your patient's neck veins are distended. How do you assess the degree of significance of this?

Under what circumstances should you position your patient on his left side and listen to his heart?

How can you best describe and document abnormal breath sounds?

What is the best way of inflicting painful stimuli to evaluate motor response?

How long should you listen before deciding your patient has "absent bowel sounds"?

Physical Assessment of the Acutely Ill Brochure Cover


Presented by:
Mary K. Roberts,
R.N., M.S.N., ACNP

  Seminar approved by:

American Association
of Critical-Care Nurses

6.0 contact hours
Category A


  Provider approved by:

California Board of
Registered Nursing

CEP 6910


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