Current Concepts in
Surgical & Trauma Critical Care

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Current Concepts in Surgical and Trauma Critical Care offers an in-depth look at the ICU management of this challenging population. Major topics include fluid resuscitation, management of complications such as refractory shock, coagulopathies, and abdominal compartment syndrome, damage control surgery, and non-operative management of spleen and liver injuries. 

This program is packed with state-of-the-art, clinically relevant information. Taught by an experienced trauma critical care nurse specialist practicing at one of the nation's leading trauma centers, this seminar offers a genuinely enjoyable educational opportunity for experienced critical care nurses.

A sample of the type of questions to be answered during this one-day program includes:

Which hemodynamic parameter is most indicative of fluid volume status in the trauma patient?

What type of fluid is not commonly administered during fluid resuscitation of the surgical or trauma patient?

What is the significance of the base deficit in monitoring fluid resuscitation?

What are the early signs of inadequate tissue perfusion?

Why do trauma patients get coagulopathic?

What is refractory shock, and how does it typically present?

When is a pulmonary contusion considered clinically significant?

When does intra-abdominal hypertension become intra-abdominal compartment syndrome?

Why might a patient have a damage control celiotomy instead of a definitive celiotomy procedure?

Do the nursing priorities for non-operative management of liver and spleen injuiries differ from post-operative nursing priorities?


The target audience is experienced critical care nurses.



Presented by:
Jackie Brock Wilmoth,
R.N., M.S.N., CCRN


 Seminar approved by:

American Association
 of Critical-Care Nurses

6.0 contact hours
Category A

 Provider approved by:

  California Board of
  Registered Nursing
    CEP 6910


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