Hemodynamic Infusion Titration
Physiologic Basis & Practical Application

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Titration of hemodynamic infusions is one of the most cognitively challenging responsibilities faced by critical care nurses. Perhaps nowhere else in critical care is a solid, in-depth knowledge of physiology more important to safe practice. The focus of this seminar is to provide a comprehensive review of the determinants of cardiac performance, followed by a brief overview of autonomic physiology. Once this foundation has been created, the content will consist of a detailed discussion of the physiologic basis of administration of an extensive list of inotropic and vasoactive drugs. Case studies will be incorporated to create a clinical perspective, with practical aspects and pearls for practice included throughout.

A sample of the type of questions to be answered during this one-day program includes:

What advantage does milrinone have over dobutamine in managing the patient with heart failure?

Mr. C is a 70-year old man who had a triple coronary artery bypass 3 days ago. He is now hemodynamically unstable and is receiving dopamine and Nipride. Should calculation of Mr. C's infusion rates be based on his admission weight or current daily weight?

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors do not affect the autonomic nervous system. How do they work?

What special considerations are essential to safely titrate inotropic and vasoactive drugs in the geriatric patient?


This seminar is appropriate for critical care nurses, advanced practice nurses, and critical care educators.


If you attend all three days of the April/May 2014 CCRN Seminar, you are entitled to a discount of $30.00 on the registration fee for Hemodynamic Infusion Titration scheduled for May 6th.

Your discount will be refunded after you have submitted your registration for both events.


Presented by:
Laura E. Luecke,
R.N., M.S.N., ACNP



This continuing nursing education activity was approved for 6.3 contact hours by the Texas Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Centerís Commission on Accreditation.


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  California Board of
  Registered Nursing

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Provider approved by California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #6910 for 7.6 contact hours.

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