Meeting the Challenge of Evolving Technology

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Review essential concepts of mechanical ventilation, 
including definitions of the following variables:

a. Control
b. Phase
c. Trigger
d. Limit
e. Cycle

Explain the difference between a spontaneous breath
and an assisted breath during mechanical ventilation.

Differentiate volume control and pressure control ventilation.

Review the traditional modes of ventilation, including:

a. Assist/control
b. Continuous mandatory ventilation
c. Continuous positive airway pressure
d. Pressure support ventilation
e. Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

Explain the concept of dual control modes of mechanical ventilation.

Define the following new modes of mechanical ventilation:

a. Adaptive support ventilation
b. Airway-pressure release ventilation
c. Automatic tube compensation
d. Automode
e. Bilevel
f. Mandatory minute ventilation
g. Proportional assist ventilation
h. Volume support
i. Pressure-regulated volume control
j. Volume control +
k. Volume-assured pressure support
l. Pressure augmentation

Discuss the role of increasing mean airway pressure in managing oxygenation.

Explain how to perform a recruitment maneuver.

Discuss application of parameters obtained from the following monitoring 
systems/clinical calculations/laboratory values in caring for the ventilated patient:

a. Arterial and mixed venous blood gases
b. Indices of oxygenation and ventilation
c. Pulse oximetry, capnography, and transcutaneous monitoring
d. Hemodynamic monitoring.


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