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Fall 2014 News

Seminar News:

Announcing a new Seminar. Optimizing Outcomes in ARDS and Septic Shock. New knowledge of the shared common pathophysiologic pathways and pathogenesis of ARDS and septic shock, such as the recently recognized likely role of the renin-angiotensin aldosetone system in the etiology of ARDS and the major role of microcirculatory disturbances in septic shock, are described in this new seminar.

By popular request, we've modified our online registration system to handle payments using PayPal. You can now use their safe, secure and convenient system to pay for our seminars from your credit cards or from your PayPal or other bank accounts.

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On-line sales of some of our printed support materials is in the works and we're gearing up to produce a series of interactive programs.  Feel free to use the feedback form to let us know if there's a specific topic you would like to see on CDROM. 

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